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YOGA JOURNAL physical book

YOGA JOURNAL physical book

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Shapeshifting one yoga flow at a time, was the culmination of the transformative year of 2021. Having the biggest breakthrough which some people might mistake for a breakdown. I turned my whole life around. After 20 years of practicing yoga, I finally took the leaps and did my yoga teacher training. Now only months later, I host my own classes, modern day goddes circles & yoga retreats. I thought best way to be able to share this yoga journey with others in a journal of my own. I find journaling a very big part of the process but some times on a blank page have no idea where to start. Which prompted me to create my own. With helpful hints and tips along the way. Im not your usual yoga teacher tongue in cheek and playful attitude, with banter too boot. I ike to mix the spiritual with the gangster. Explain the woo-woo ha-ha for regular or beginning people to understand. But also drop deeper when you are ready to take that step on your journey. Lets begin but writing it all down...


    I am a physical copy of "Shapeshifting one yoga flow at at time"



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