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7 weeks to Yoga for the 7 Chakras

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In this program I will touch every week a different Chakra system (If you aren't sure what that is even better what a wild ride this will be!) Touching on Crystals for that Chakra and the history behind it all, Ayurvedic foods to activate these energy centres and 2 recipes every week to try out. Weekly guided meditation with affirmations and mantras to listen to daily for that week to fully activate each centre, Essential guide to essential oils the how to & Yoga asanas to develop that system which includes Chanting, breath-work, hand mudras, a warm up with break down of movements and then flowing them together with myself Panda! So click and join and follow along at your own pace. But I do challenge you to utilise your investment and stay consistent if you want to get the results at home. Come and shape-shift with me one yoga flow at a time...

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